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Home-Built Aircraft Cockpitsby simpitint
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I wanted to build a WWII era simpit since it is that era that attracts me to the combat-sim. I have played online WWII sims since 1995, and currently fly EAW/WW2F/BoB/B17-2/MS-CFS2 offline. Upon discovering the simpit community and looking for my WWII brethren I was only able to find two of them in existence. Ironically I have sat in both of them! Both of them were at the Warbirds convention in Dallas TX  in 1998, follow these links... 



My favorite plane in the arena of both "Warbirds" and "Aces High" was/is the SpitIX, so naturally that was the plane I wanted to model. Either that or the P51D, but while I was drawing my plans I was frightened by the prospect of the curved Plexiglas. I settled on the Bf109 originally because of the flat panels of the canopy, but during my research I became excited by the multitude of camouflage schemes. I seriously considered completing my simpit as the 109 of Hans Mutherich from JG54 "Gruenhertz" simply because of the beautiful paint scheme (see below).

I wanted also to paint one of the insignia that the Luftwaffe was known for and JG54 has some of the best (see below).

            I-JG54                          II-JG54                      III-JG54

But after much exhaustive research I came to believe that I had no real alternative than to build and paint my new pit to be the one belonging to the only man who ever has (and ever will) achieve more than 350 confirmed air-to-air kills. His squadron mates called him "Bubi" for his youthful appearance. The Russian's called him "The Black Devil of the South". But the world knows him as the "Greatest Ace of all Time".

"Karaya-1" the Bf109-G6 flown by Erich "Bubi" Hartmann of JG52 

Shortly after recieving his swords. Bubi


(these links contain many photographs and could take a while to load)


Research Photos

Frame Construction

Canopy Construction


Instrument Panel (blank page for now)

Painting (blank page for now)